Thursday, September 3, 2009


A few Q & As worth reading.

Q : Are your stuffs ready stocked or pre order ? I'm confused.
A : Most of the items on our main homepage are ready stocked whereas the items at our LCPO page are all pre orders.

Q : I love your stuffs ! When can I get it if I pay now ?
A : We will post out parcels on every Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. But sometimes we do ship out on every other days if we have the time and our customer needs it ASAP.

Q : I can't fit into the shoe ! Can I get a refund ?
A : We used to give refunds whenever a shoe doesn't fit its owner but we have stopped doing that. Whenever an item does not fit a customer, we would normally help you by just doing a post on our reselling blog. When another party is interested, we would immediately contact you.

Q : I've spotted 3 dots on the shoe ! I want a refund since you didn't told me its pig's skin lining :(
A : Rest assured, the supplier has confirmed us that the material used for the shoe are all imitation leather as well as man-made leather. Animal leather would cost a tremendous amount of money compared to our reasonable priced items.

We hope that clarified a few matters on which some of you are unclear of. Additional matters would be added from time to time.

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Hello girls!

We meet again for the final update for 2010 at Le Clothes ;)
As per the previous post, every RM 2 for every purchase will be accumulated and donated to the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better & The Malaysian Cat Cares Project. You can also give your personal contributions to them by just emailing them :)
Nway, we hope you'll like our update for today ! :D


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2. Mail us with the order form or just copy paste the below format :
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*do re-send if we did not reply you within 24 hours.
4. Make payment & wait for you goods to arrive ♥!
*We will be posting out parcels via poslaju & standard charges will be applied.

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