Thursday, September 3, 2009


A few Q & As worth reading.

Q : Are your stuffs ready stocked or pre order ? I'm confused.
A : Most of the items on our main homepage are ready stocked whereas the items at our LCPO page are all pre orders.

Q : I love your stuffs ! When can I get it if I pay now ?
A : We will post out parcels on every Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. But sometimes we do ship out on every other days if we have the time and our customer needs it ASAP.

Q : I can't fit into the shoe ! Can I get a refund ?
A : We used to give refunds whenever a shoe doesn't fit its owner but we have stopped doing that. Whenever an item does not fit a customer, we would normally help you by just doing a post on our reselling blog. When another party is interested, we would immediately contact you.

Q : I've spotted 3 dots on the shoe ! I want a refund since you didn't told me its pig's skin lining :(
A : Rest assured, the supplier has confirmed us that the material used for the shoe are all imitation leather as well as man-made leather. Animal leather would cost a tremendous amount of money compared to our reasonable priced items.

We hope that clarified a few matters on which some of you are unclear of. Additional matters would be added from time to time.

Hello girls!

We meet again for the final update for 2010 at Le Clothes ;)
As per the previous post, every RM 2 for every purchase will be accumulated and donated to the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better & The Malaysian Cat Cares Project. You can also give your personal contributions to them by just emailing them :)
Nway, we hope you'll like our update for today ! :D


How to order ?
1. Eye on your targeted victim : Item name, colour, etc
2. Mail us with the order form or just copy paste the below format :
3. Hit send & wait for us to reply your mail within 24 hours !
*do re-send if we did not reply you within 24 hours.
4. Make payment & wait for you goods to arrive ♥!
*We will be posting out parcels via poslaju & standard charges will be applied.

Please be 100% confirmed with your order.
No payment = No order !
-Please only text us on the number for payments. Mail us for inquiries instead.

Mail us at: for more details or orders.

have fun shopping & thanks for supporting us